Bach Chorales Indexed By Liturgical Occasion

The chorales of J.S. Bach are indexed below by the Lutheran liturgical calendar. Naturally, BWVs 250—438 are absent, since the larger works from which they came are lost, making placement in the liturgical calendar impossible (though in some cases, speculation is possible based on chorale texts).
To search for a particular chorale by its placement in the Breitkopf, Dietel, or Riemenschneider collection, place a B, D or R (respectively) before the chorale number when searching. For example, to find Breitkopf chorale #95, use the Find command and type "B95".

New Year’s Day 16.6, 41.6, 171.6, 190.7, 248(4).42(7) B11, B99, B326, B367 D131, D146 R11, R99, R327, R368
Sunday after New Year 153.1, 153.5, 153.9, 248(5).46(4), 248(5).53(11) B3, B21, B34, B77, B217 D126, D147 R3, R21, R35, R77, R217
Feast of Epiphany 65.2, 65.7, 123.6, 248(6).59(6), 248(6).64(11) B12, B41, B194, B361 D121, D122 R12, R41, R194, R362
1st Sunday after Epiphany 32.6, 124.6, 154.3, 154.8 B29, B152, B233 D129 R29, R152, R233
2nd Sunday after Epiphany 3.6, 13.6, 155.5 B103, B156=B307, B334 D28 R103, R156=R308, R335
3rd Sunday after Epiphany 72.6, 73.5, 111.6, 156.6 B191, B316 R191, R317
4th Sunday after Epiphany 14.5, 81.7 B182, B323 D128 R182, R324
5th Sunday after Epiphany
6th Sunday after Epiphany
Septuagesima Sunday 84.5, 92.9, 144.3, 144.6 B64, B112, B265 D30, D43, D44 R65, R112, R265
Sexagesima Sunday 18.5, 126.6 B100=B126, B215 R100=R126, R215
Quinquagesima Sunday 22.5, 127.5, 159.5 B59, B283 D52, D60 R61, R284
Invocavit [Lent]
Reminiscere [Lent]
Oculi [Lent]
Laetare [Lent]
Judica [Lent]
Palm Sunday
Good Friday All BWV 244 & 245 B50, B58, B62, B74, B78, B80, B82, B87, B89, B98, B105, B106, B107, B108, B111, B113, B115, B117, B118, B121, B309 D136, D138, D139, D140, D142 R50, R59, R63, R74, R78, R80, R81, R83, R89, R98, R105, R106, R107, R108, R111, R113, R115, R117, R118, R121, R310
Easter Sunday 4.8, 31.9 B184 D78 R184
Easter Monday 6.6, 66.6 B72 D79 R72
Easter Tuesday 145.5, 158.4 B17, B337 D24 R17, R338
[1st Sunday after Easter]
42.7, 67.4, 67.7 B42, B91=B259 D4, D20 R42, R91=R259
Misericordias Domini
[2nd Sunday after Easter]
85.6, 104.6, 112.5 B122, B125=B325, B312=B352 D101, D106 R122, R125=R326, R313=R353
[3rd Sunday after Easter]
12.7, 103.6, 146.8 B120=B348 D102 R120=R349
[4th Sunday after Easter]
108.6, 166.6 B46, B204 D98 R45, R204
[5th Sunday after Easter]
86.6, 87.7 B4, B96 D105 R4, R96
Ascension Day 11.6, 37.6, 43.11, 128.5 B102, B340, B342 D107 R102, R341, R343
Exaudi 44.7, 183.5 B123, B354 D108 R123, R355
Whit Sunday 59.3, 74.8, 172.6 B322, B369 D112 R323, R370
Whit Monday 174.5 B56 D111 R58
Whit Tuesday 175.7, 184.5 B14 D15, D110 R14
Trinity Sunday 129.5, 165.6, 176.6, 194.6, 194.12 B63=B256, B93=B257, B119 D18, D19, D114 R64=R256, R93=R257, R119
1st Sunday after Trinity 20.7=20.11, 39.7, 75.7=75.14 B26, B67 D116 R26, R67
2nd Sunday after Trinity 2.6, 76.7=76.14 B262 D26 R262
3rd Sunday after Trinity 135.6
4th Sunday after Trinity 24.6, 177.5, 185.6 B71, B336 D67, D68 R71, R337
5th Sunday after Trinity 88.7, 93.7 B104 R104
6th Sunday after Trinity 9.7 B289 D70 R290
7th Sunday after Trinity 187.7 B109 R109
8th Sunday after Trinity 45.7, 136.6, 178.7 B84, B330 R85, R331
9th Sunday after Trinity 94.8, 105.6, 168.6 B290 D71, D72 R291
10th Sunday after Trinity 46.6, 101.7, 102.7 B81, B110, B291 D73 R82, R110, R292
11th Sunday after Trinity 113.1, 113.8, 179.6 B293, B338 D74, D75 R294, R339
12th Sunday after Trinity 69a.6, 137.5 B292 D76, D77 R293
13th Sunday after Trinity 33.6, 77.6, 164.6 B13, B101, B253 D10, D80, D82 R13, R101, R253
14th Sunday after Trinity 17.7, 25.6, 78.7 B6, B254=B282, B296 D11, D84 R7, R254=R282, R297
15th Sunday after Trinity 99.6, 100.6 D103
16th Sunday after Trinity 8.6, 27.6, 95.7, 161.6 B43, B150, B270 D34, D88, D89 R43, R150, R270
17th Sunday after Trinity 47.5, 114.7, 148.6 B25, B94, B300 D91 R25, R94, R301
18th Sunday after Trinity 96.6, 169.7 B97, B302 D36, D92 R97, R303
19th Sunday after Trinity 5.7, 48.3, 48.7, 56.5 B86, B266, B279, B303 D37, D40, D93 R87, R266, R279, R304
20th Sunday after Trinity 162.6, 180.7 B22 D25 R22
21st Sunday after Trinity 38.6, 188.6 B10 D94 R10
22nd Sunday after Trinity 55.5, 89.6, 115.6 B38, B95, B281 D27 R38, R95, R281
23rd Sunday after Trinity 52.6, 139.6
24th Sunday after Trinity 26.6, 60.5 B48, B216 D46 R48, R216
25th Sunday after Trinity 90.5, 116.6 B267 D41 R267
26th Sunday after Trinity 70.7, 70.11 B347 R348
27th Sunday after Trinity 140.7 B179 D17 R179
1st Sunday in Advent 36.4, 36.8, 62.6 B28, B85=B195=B304, B170 D33, D96 R28, R86=R195=R305, R170
2nd Sunday in Advent
3rd Sunday in Advent
4th Sunday in Advent
Christmas Day 91.6, 110.7, 197a.7, 248(1).5(5), 248(1).9(9) B45, B53, B57, B344 D130 R46, R51, R55, R345
2nd Day of Christmas 40.3, 40.6, 40.8, 57.8, 121.6, 248(2).12(3), 248(2).17(8), 248(2).23(14) B8, B55, B9=B360, B90, B142, B320, B343 D119=D134, D120 R8, R56, R9=R361, R90, R142, R321, R344
3rd Day of Christmas 64.2, 64.4, 64.8, 133.6, 151.5, 248(3).28(5), 248(3).33(10), 248(3).35(12) B54, B61, B138, B139, B160, B255, B359 D12, D13, D14, D56, D123, D124, D125 R54, R60, R138, R139, R160, R255, R360
1st Sunday after Christmas Day 28.6, 122.6 B23=B88, B52=B178 D8, D55 R23=R88, R53=R178