This site is devoted to the more than 400 four–part chorales of Johann Sebastian Bach and is specifically constructed to provide scholarly resources and articles for those studying the Bach chorales.

Apart from this welcome page, b–c.com has four main sections. The "about the chorales" section provides a general overview that also attempts to correct some misconceptions regarding the Bach chorales. The "resources & databases" section may be the most unique and valuable contribution of b–c.com. Numerous sortable indexes are provided allowing for in–depth study of the chorales. The "articles" section features written analyses covering various aspects of the chorales. And finally, the "about b–c.com" section gives some background about the site as well as contact information.

Unless otherwise noted, all articles and resources are created by Luke Dahn. As this site undergoes construction, all feedback is welcome. I am interested not only in how users find b–c.com to be useful but also how the site might be improved. Please send an email!